Uchechi Kalu
Entrepreneur, CEO, UX Web Designer, Public Speaker & Poet
Why Creating A Life Blueprint Is Essential To Finding Work That Sustains You

How do we create our livelihood in a way that sustains us and the world around us?

The key is to create your life’s blueprint, which serves as a guide and allows you to engage in a way that truly fulfills you and the world around you. In order to create a truly sustainable one, we all need to tell our stories and leverage our most vulnerable selves as strengths. Tapping into the things you most fear about yourself can help you find the career path that is mutually inspiring and engaging. Doing so gives back to the world and nourishes and sustains you.

Uchechi will show you that your family’s blueprint does not have to be yours. Your society’s blueprint does not have to be yours. You can use them as a guide and see what works for you and leave the rest. We are all here to do something important and to leave a mark. In order to do that, we have to create our own blueprint and give ourselves permission to live it out and see it through.

Uchechi Kalu’s path from professional writer and published poet to tech entrepreneur started with a desire to shape the world through language.

She is currently CEO of Linking Arts, a New Orleans based full-service web design and development agency focused on delivering great design and functionality.

She is also the former CEO/Co-Founder of, a social wedding planning website for tech savvy couples.

She also hosts #YesWeCode chat, a bi weekly Sunday evening conversation about tech, inclusion and the future of innovation.

She is the author of Flowers Blooming Against a Bruised Grey Sky, a collection of poetry published by Whit Press. She is currently working on publishing Resembling the Sea, her forthcoming book.
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