Sunita Punjabi Trevino
The Brain Coach
Sunita’s mission statement is loud and clear:
“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” And that’s exactly
what she has done with her life, with great joy and fulfillment.

Sunita specializes in the field of Neuroscience Neuroplasticity, Surplus Reality, and Mindful Psychology. Known as; “The Brain Coach,” she works with individuals and organizations to create powerful strategies for living.

Ms. Trevino is well-known for using the latest research in the aforementioned fields to empower individuals with science-based methodologies so they can create a life that has purpose and calling. For organizations, Sunita assists by creating companies that are driven by purpose. Individuals and organizations are left with the ability to connect with themselves and others at levels that are uncommon in the world today.

Sunita was born in Bombay, India and raised in the United States. She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and has experience in conducting neuro-feedback. Sunita has a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is completing her Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Chicago.

By combining her Eastern culture and philosophy with modern day scientific breakthroughs, Sunita provides fun and educational workshops, as well as informative talks and webinars.

Her goal is to liberate the “greatness” inherent in all human beings so that it becomes easy to create a life by design.

If you’d like to experience Sunita’s science-based methodologies firsthand, there’s an extraordinary two-day retreat on Oct. 7-8 in idyllic San Antonio, Texas, as well as a 9 week online interactive training with Special Discount Prices for NTF Live attendees. Contact us for details.
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