Sian Flanagan
Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur
Sian Flanagan believes that we are at a critical point in the world and we cannot continue living behind the walls of fear.

In order to make a difference in the world, each of us needs to get in touch with ourselves to mobilize creativity into needed action.
The Art of Passion is an Act of Love is Sian’s contribution to the world. When we step into our passion and live what we love, we radiate our sense of aliveness, which is infectious. It gives others permission to follow their curiosities and creativity, which stimulates their natural talents.

At the root of who we are individually, we cultivate self-love which gives way to contribution. We can then shift the direction in which we individually and collectively move, causing a domino effect. Our choices govern tomorrow’s future, every decision has a ripple effect, and every choice is accounted for.

Passion is the fuel that guides you to your purpose and purpose is the masterpiece you leave as your legacy for others. The Art of Passion is an Act of Love will teach you the characteristics of passion and how to unfold your passion and live out loud.

Health and wellness have always been an important part of Sian’s life and she sees herself as an athlete of life. She played professional soccer in the UK for the Doncaster Rover Belles Women’s Premier League.

Sian studied Human Kinetics and Psychology at UBC Okanagan in Canada and, with vigorous self-analysis, has been able to tap into her creative edge to find a new sense of freedom.

Ms. Flanagan has a personal training license and a certificate in holistic nutrition. She was the owner of Raw+Strong Fitness in Kelowna, BC, Canada 2015-2016.

With numerous speaking engagements and a 10-day silent meditation retreat under her belt, she is currently writing a book entitled The Power of Self-Love. 

Sian has also started a new business called The Business of You: Build Your Inner CEO that supports people in bridging the gap between their personal and professional development… training them to unlock their potential to lead and become the CEO of their own life.
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