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Inspiration comes from new thoughts, thoughts that need a forum where they can be spoken, nurtured, and put into action.

Centered on oneness, New Thought Forum draws the most enlightened members of the New Thought community and we are resolute in bringing you a wide range of perspective on personal development, spiritual growth, and science spirit convergence. Exceptional and engaging presenters have been championed to discuss new ideas, challenge, and more.

Every person possesses the ability to transform their life. Discover the power that exists inside you to experience more power, freedom, and self expressions in all areas of your life.
Simel Bey
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist & Author
Sunita Punjabi Trevino
The Brain Coach
Cheri Neal
Speaker, Coach & Public Service Professional
Uchechi Kalu
Entrepreneur, CEO, UX Web Designer, Public Speaker & Poet
Jeff Jacob
Fortune 500 Marketing Specialist, Team-Builder & Songwriter
Gina Bria
Anthropologist & Author
Britany Ditzig
Laughter Enthusiast, Coffee Fanatic & Marketing Mastermind
Chantel Mead
Singing Empowerment Coach & Nonprofit Founder
Lesley Picchietti
Life & Leadership Development Coach, Engagement Expert, Trainer & Speaker
Sian Flanagan
Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur
Case Erickson
Restaurant Coach & Event Producer
Vanessa Jones
Online Entrepreneur, Business Developer & Project Manager
Amir Arad
Conscious Engager
Scott Goyette
Founder of Go Love Now
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