Change begins with individuals, then communities & society 

Posted June 7, 2017

When tragedy strikes near or far, it affects us all. Words cannot adequately express the myriad of emotions that we feel, both individually and collectively.

Ariana Grande chose to unify people in the face of tragedy and praised the city of Manchester for its “compassion, kindness, love, strength, and oneness.” She made the conscious decision to keep using her music as a positive influence for healing and unity.

New Thought Forum is a way for individuals to unite locally and globally… in oneness. It’s a way to communicate inspirational and deep truths to the world while learning how to live in harmony with the world. Our vision is to use our collective humanness to bring positive change to our lives and to everyone around us.

We invite you to join us at our future live event as we come together in love, strength, and oneness to transform lives near and far. Take a moment to Imagine…

Chantel Mead is our featured community member of the week. Chantel is a Singing Empowerment Coach & Nonprofit Founder. She believes that singing is an essential part of who we are, how we express ourselves, and it’s a tool to help us evolve into our fullest self. Read more about Chantel Mead.

“A small group of people can change the world; in fact, that is the only thing that ever has created change.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
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