Lesley Picchietti
Life & Leadership Development Coach, Engagement Expert, Trainer & Speaker
Turn Around! Tag You’re It!

We want to reach our potential. We want to be inspired, creative and satisfied in work, life and relationships. We know we want this, yet we still grapple with stress, frustration, overwhelming feelings and exhaustion. We might be doing the work of personal growth. We have some awareness, perhaps even enough to ask ourselves… Why does my boss bug me? Why do I still get my buttons pushed? Why am I not more engaged at work? Why don’t I have time for myself? Why, why, why?

Join Lesley as she unveils the core causes that keep us reacting to life instead of fully creating it. When we hear that the only person in our own way is ourselves, it will finally make sense!

Lesley has spent over 30 years doing what she loves. As a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, she believes the art of reaching our potential, at any age, is through empowerment and constant learning. Whether a keynote speaker, leading a student workshop or training in the corporate arena, one thing remains constant: she engages her audiences sharing her own personal story, as well as tools, that allow others to create a life they love all while using her unique blend of compassion, boldness and humor.

Lesley launched Inspire Bliss Coaching and Consulting, a company that provides life and leadership development programs, coaching and training to enhance the lives of people and the productivity of organizations. Her true passion is right there in her company name…to inspire others to live a life of joy. She is also a Lead Trainer for iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), sits on the Board of Directors for Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, where she runs a 3-week summer jazz camp in Chicago, and hosts the popular radio show HOLY SHIFT! on Life Coach Chat Channel.

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