Jeff Jacob
Fortune 500 Marketing Specialist,
Team-Builder & Songwriter
The Uniqueness of the One Within the Context of the Strength of the Collective

Do you know what the common thread is between John Lennon & Paul McCartney and Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak? Jeff Jacob will show you what it is and discuss the combination of the uniqueness of the individual with the harmony of individuals working together toward a common goal or purpose. Get ready to be part of an interactive audience as Jeff writes a positive “hook” to a song along with the audience live and in real time.

Crisis Counselor, Fortune 500 Marketing Specialist, Team-Builder, Songwriter, Animal Rescuer…that’s Jeff Jacob. Having worked on projects with notables including Bryan Adams, David Sedaris, Rascal Flatts, Anderson Cooper, Harry Connick, Jr., and Loretta Lynn to name a few… Jeff understands what the best do to strive for perfection.

His areas of expertise include: employee training, organizational team-building, brand development, content creation, strategic alliances, and event programming. Jeff is a regular consultant to USA TODAY and Washington Post Best-Selling Business authors.

On April 1, 2014 Jeff took on the role of Director of Operations for the largest “No-Kill” dog rescue in Florida, thus becoming a “professional activist” for the first time. 18 months later, Jeff and two friends launched a boutique rescue ranch called Redemption Rescue League, where dog rescue is combined with addiction recovery for young men.

Jeff served as a Staff Songwriter for The Songs of Love Foundation. His song “Until That Day Comes” was the theme song on a TV show called “Rescue Ink.” In 2014, he was commissioned to write the theme song for Red Cardinal Films release, “The Deadliest Vow.” His 6th CD, “7 Days,” is being used as a fund-raising tool for literacy groups and animal rescue organizations. Jeff just started work on his first book, “All Together Now.”

Jeff aims to communicate the power of words, one’s narrative, the uniqueness of the individual, and the strength in togetherness… all wrapped up neatly like an interactive tootsie-roll.
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