What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? 

Posted June 28, 2017

I find it fascinating that 7 billion people in this world are all made of the same stuff, yet we’re still so unique in how we look and think, as well as the gifts that each of us has to offer to the world.   

Do you know what your innate gifts are… or are they still buried deep within you? Too many people live their entire lives doing things they don’t enjoy or doing what other people expect them to do. This includes everything from going to college and getting a good 9-5 job afterward to getting married and having a nice house with two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence.

It’s hard to go against parental expectations and societal norms. But if you truly want to live a flourishing and fulfilling life, it’s vital that you look within yourself and find your unique purpose in this world. It’s your birthright and you owe it to yourself to do that. 

There will be 30 AMAZING community members at New Thought Forum who will share their expertise and wisdom with you so that you can discover your unique talents and life purpose and use the powerful tools they’ll give you to let your light shine!

Imagine what our communities, our country, and the world would look like if we came together in the spirit of Oneness to share our unique gifts with one another… to uplift and inspire humanity… and to make the world a better place to live.     

Jeff Jacob is the first of our two featured community members this week. Jeff is a Fortune 500 marketing specialist, team builder and songwriter. He will share with you the uniqueness of an individual within the context of the strength of the collective. Read more about Jeff Jacob here.

Uchechi Kalu is an entrepreneur, CEO, UX web designer, public speaker & poet. She’s excited to share her insights with you about why creating a life blueprint is essential to finding work that sustains you. You can read more about Uchechi Kalu here.

“Don’t wait until the end of your life to find out who you really are.” - Anonymous
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