See how a mother has everything to do with NTF… 

Posted on May 17, 2017

As you know, Mother’s Day was last Sunday and some of the well-deserved tributes to selfless mothers around the world truly touched my heart. 

When I think of what a mother embodies, I think of unconditional love, inspiration, selfless service and unity… the same qualities that New Thought Forum exemplifies, as well. 

The team at NTF believes in uniting all things… because when all of our energies are going in the same direction, great things will happen. Where there is unity, success is assured.

Imagine what our communities, our country, and the world would look like if we joined together in the spirit of Oneness.  

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We’re also excited to announce our 2nd featured community member – Sian Flanagan. Sian is an outstanding professional speaker and entrepreneur who supports people in bridging the gap between their personal and professional development... training them to unlock their potential to lead and become the CEO of their own life.

You can find out more about Sian by clicking here: Sian Flanagan

And here’s your thought for the day: All rivers lead to the ocean that is One. - Mother Meera
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